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DJ Audio Rage! The "Virtual" Rock Band Experience! { Official Fan Club of Patrick Lew }

The Musical History of DJ Audio Rage { Patrick Lew }...
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Audio Rage is a musical project done by computer applications, various musical instruments and TWO musicians. It's what Patrick "Audio" Lew calls Audio Rage "band in the box." The music and band Audio Rage mostly does their music on a PC computer using computer applications purchased from Guitar Center or Best Buy. It also includes MIDI keyboards and electric guitars picked up from the shop. This is Audio's story!

His hobby in music came as an answer to his anti-social life. At the age of fourteen, Patrick got a guitar from a music store and began teaching himself through books. He also worked at a comic book store and worked at the Cherry Blossom festival at Japantown as a teenager. Eventually, Patrick became a computer geek and began teaching himself how to use various computer applications and working on his own music for hours.

He spent his high school years as a well-appreciated student from his classmates on campus at Wallenberg High. It was here where he studied computers and drama, but failed many of his academic courses. Also around this time, he was discovering J-Pop and assorted underground music. Patrick spent a year at City College of San Francisco studying music and broadcasting, but left the community college to escape his past and began playing music more than attending class studying for exams.

As a musician who studied music as a teenager, Patrick was desperate to form a serious band of musicians making good music. Patrick met Eddie Blackburn in his drama class at school, and the two became musician buddies but also had a share of differences as musicians or schoolmates. Patrick Lew soon called upon his best friend Asuka Mayumi Nagase to join along Eddie and him on bass, and founded the school band Samurai Sorcerers. Patrick knew Mayumi from the Japanese club at school, and the two also dated for a short time. Samurai Sorcerers soon began promoting their music via internet, and band practice occurred at Patrick or Eddies house every other week where music would be played through Eddies bone shredding guitar skills or Patrick and Mayumi's storytelling songs.

Samurai Sorcerers never had a drummer, so a drum machine was used which Eddie picked up at a Guitar Center shop. In 2003, the rock trio created a demo tape in Patricks bedroom Psychotic Love. Their first concert took place at the street corner of a subway station in downtown SF. Since the band rarely were booked for gigs, they did whatever a starving musician could do. They played some stuff, even if no one paid attention.

Samurai Sorcerers was a group famous for not only music, but Patrick Lew's personal life as his romantic woes were put for the world to see on Xanga (Online Journal) which would be the start of Patricks drug abuse and depression. The music of Samurai Sorcerers could be best described as Grunge meets Hair-Metal. As of today in 2006, the music and websites of Samurai Sorcerers is always available via internet.

Patrick would do most of the gigs alone for Samurai Sorcerers and played instruments and sung on most songs for only 2 albums: Psychotic Love and Blizzard of Sound.

Unfortunately, Patrick graduated from Wallenberg in June 2004 and headed off to community college. He didnt feel he belonged anywhere not just as a musician or artist, but as a person. After two or three years of a social life with them, Samurai Sorcerers called it quits in August 2005. In reaction to being booted from playing in local bands with real-life musicians, he replaced the musicians with a computer program he got from Best Buy. This became School of Audio Rage, Patrick Lew's alternative to Samurai Sorcerers.

Since then, musician Patrick has been filming, recording and touring with his one-man virtual band Audio Rage. You can find lots of Samurai Sorcerers websites on the internet by searching on GOOGLE. The Samurai Sorcerers broke up after long periods of no jam sessions or band practices in Patricks house, and Patrick subsequently jammed with other local garage bands on guitar but was booted out for his amateur musicianship.

As School of Audio Rage, which the bandname was taken from Patricks obsession with heavy rock & roll music being played on his portable mp3 player, he began producing his own Beatles-inspired compositions through 21st century technology, the computer, playing all the instruments himself. Although he is in such a state of creative lull at this moment, Patrick managed to cobble up the demo tapes he made of new material, and began posting it on various artist showcase websites. The mp3 podcast singles Asian Woman Blues and Revenge earned the School of Audio Rage and Patrick good reception and became a fixture on mp3 downloads. Sooner than later, his music was promoted on fan-made websites to some bands he liked, The Beatles and Poison.

As Audio Rage began showcasing their musical work on various websites and with Patrick Lew getting expelled from Skyline College, Patrick and his one-man band Audio Rage moved to his bedroom and assembled a studio from $1,500 worth of equipment and musical instruments bought from junk shops to Guitar Center to record Audio Rage’s album “The Chronicles of Revenge.”

Currently, DJ Audio Rage the musician is a student back at City College and is putting together an Asian rock & roll group with some musicians and students during his time at Skyline College which during his time there, he had musician friends and been re-connecting with them on MySpace. But in the meantime, GOOGLE in "Samurai Sorcerers" to find more websites dedicated to DJ Audio Rage or his music and bands.

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